Core Public Sector Issues

People-first experiences harness the power of digital to solve government and citizen challenges in every facet of the Public Sector. See how Nanogon can address your most pressing issues—from optimised service delivery, to increased process efficiency, data security, data strategy to how best to achieve total digital government and more.

Transform the User Experience

Modernize the Organization

Let Data Lead the Way

From within government agencies to throughout public spaces, today’s citizen touchpoints are ubiquitous. As expectations evolve with technology, it becomes more important to give users the same caliber of seamless experiences they’re used to across other industries such as Retail. It’s time to adopt digital strategies that delight people at all key life stages—from employment or retirement to passport renewal and more.

The only way to keep pace with today’s changing demands is to move away from legacy systems and toward low-code, cloud-based, digital solutions. Through strategic, cost-effective process optimization and people-centric change management, agencies can deliver impactful, memorable, and scalable citizen experiences.

With fewer legacy systems and more innovative digital strategy, government agencies can adopt a renewed focus on value and outcomes.

Across digital transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more, data is the key to bringing better services and experiences to the public. When informed by powerful insights, the decisions you make will yield impact-driven results you can learn from over time. Infusing your solutions with adaptable, goal-driven logic ensures positive outcomes for your business and unforgettable impact for your end users.

A Focus on Citizen Value

Tomorrow’s government will run on the digital solutions we build today. That’s why it’s crucial to remain relevant, agile, and unencumbered by legacy systems and processes. After all, the agencies who can best serve modern citizens of the future will be the ones who are ready for what’s next, right now.

Our culture of curiosity allows us to deliver meaningful impact to our clients’ civic businesses by reimagining their citizen services and constituent experiences. Our agile, data-driven approach to strategy and implementation equips our clients’ businesses for change, making digital the core of how they think and what they do for the benefit of the people.

Building Trust with Digital

Whether you look at federal, state or local data, public trust in institutions has been declining for decades. However, over 90% of Africans still believe this can be improved with digital technology. The opportunity for today’s agencies lies in creating experiences that better address citizens’ concerns.

It’s time to build digital services around the nuanced needs of our citizens in order to regain trust and remain ever-relevant. Only then can agencies effectively scale existing missions—including policymaking, market regulation, compliance and more—into the digital landscape of the future.

Citizen Experiences Go Digital

Efficient, reliable and outcome-driven offerings are the bedrock for building confidence in operational capabilities. And when built on a genuine understanding of people’s needs, digital solutions and services have been shown to increase trust in government.

  • Capable
  • Reliable
  • Clear

  • Efficient
  • Empathetic
  • Holistic

Operational capabilities must be efficient, reliable and transparent. Competence and intent by government needs to be clearly communicated, strategically planned and impact-driven.

Transformation in Action

From citizens to civil servants, government and public sector touchpoints impact everyone’s daily life and work. Consider the following use cases and learn how digital business transformation lends itself to seamless experiences.


Disparate government agencies must remain communicative and hyperconnected in order to efficiently process and track applications, payments and more.

Fund Allocation Management

Solutions should offer real-time workflows that sift and sort through data to help manage anything from funds allocation to awards, invoicing and reimbursements.

Public Account Management

To both serve the public and combat challenges like employee retention, legacy processes must be streamlined, with a focus on interconnectivity.

Touching Lives Through the Power of Digital

An Oscar-winning director spotlights one family’s fight to save their home.