Nanogon Quantum CDP

Quantum CDP accelerates an organization’s digital business transformation. This fast, deployable solution provides the cloud-native components to make it easier for companies to build an open-source customer data platform (CDP). No need to start from scratch. The tools are here to create a platform that enables data independence and customer centricity for everyone.

Embarking on a CDP initiative requires different teams within an organization to come together and agree on a data strategy, process, access requirements and the technology/infrastructure to manage it all. Nanogon Digital has been doing this and has developed best practices methods for creating enterprise-wide CDP programs.

Quantum CDP speeds the process so that businesses can quickly:

  • Achieve a complete 360° view of customers
  • Perform basic identity resolution
  • Run basic analytics such as customer journey analyses
  • Improve enterprise intelligence across systems and teams using APIs Businesses across industries—from automotive to consumer goods to healthcare—have use cases for customer data. The key lies in uncovering once-hidden use cases in the data. For instance, finding new patterns in customer behaviors, identifying new ways to boost customer service productivity, and automating new ways to reduce risk and fraud, or optimizing the value chain.

Learn how to speed up your path to data-driven outcomes with Quantum CDP. This conversation explains how you can combine data sets, prove business outcomes and monetize your data.

Quantum CDP creates a variety of opportunities for a business to enrich, draw from, or activate its customer data. Every business is at a different stage on its CDP journey. Quantum CDP can meet an organization wherever it may be in the process.

Use any of the Quantum CDP components to complement your existing systems, or use all five to be up and running with a cloud-based CDP, ready to be customized to your use cases. Need to prove it out first? A Nanogon digital sandbox can be used to instantly get you started on a proof of concept.

Quantum CDP helps businesses get a customer data platform up and running in no time. Learn why time is of the essence.

The solution is:

  • Operational in one week—a pre-built platform and components decrease time to deploy
  • Flexible and extensible—code components are modular and can extend to an advanced ecosystem
  • Continuously improved—incremental feature improvements and upgrades enable this best-of-breed solution
  • Cost-effective—Up to 20% effort savings in initial phase

For any client looking to build a platform, become platform-independent, combine data sets, prove business outcomes or monetize data, Quantum CDP is the answer to making customer-centricity a competitive advantage.

Thankfully, times are changing, and new technologies are mitigating the risk of core banking modernization. So how do you capitalize on this new tech, move to a modern cloud-based coreless architecture and deliver the experiences your customers expect?

Introducing our Core Modernization Playbook

Welcome to your step-by-step guide to delivering a successful core modernization program for your bank. Inside you’ll discover how to:

  • Translate your ambition into an actionable transformation plan
  • Open new areas of growth for your business
  • Mitigate the risks of core modernization
  • Secure buy-in for your program from across your organization