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Nanogon Advanced Analytics

Nanogon Advanced Analytics helps you extract maximum value from your data, no matter where it resides or what format it takes. Our analytics experts work closely with you to tackle your most daunting challenges so you not only see results quickly but build the internal skills you need to extend your own data mastery. From customer experience to employee engagement to every facet of your operations, advanced analytics can help you turn data into the asset you always knew it could be.

What can you do With Nanogon Advanced Analytics?

  • Develop advanced analytics strategies that turn your data assets and analytic capabilities into a true competitive advantage.
  • Deploy advanced analytics for decision supportto improve your operational effectiveness and efficiency, and test the results of your customer-facing digital initiatives to ensure maximum impact.
  • Build an advanced analytics organization,embedding the capabilities you need to execute your Big Data and analytics strategies consistently while also addressing the change management issues that naturally arise.

  • Tap the power of our Advanced Analytics Group, a highly skilled team with advanced degrees in data science and related disciplines who apply state-of-the-art techniques, tools and technology to ensure that you derive powerful insights from your data.
  • Take due diligence to a new level with the power of Pyxis, a powerful data analysis platform that reveals how, where and why consumers buy, how they pay, how much they spend, how their needs and preferences are changing, and much more.

Advanced Analytics Group

Identify breakthrough insights that deliver results with the help of Nanogon's team of advanced analytics and data science experts.

Nanogon Data Strategy

Take a comprehensive approach to meeting the data challenge and transforming it into a lever of success, unlocking your company's full

Nagonon Test for Results

Experiment with hundreds of messaging, pricing, product and other options, then find the winning combination with the click of a button.

Technology Transformation

To compete in an increasingly digital world where analytics provide an edge, modernizing your technology capabilities is more than a necessity; it can be a game-changer.