Spark is a platform that views the world through your customer’s eyes and applies the right technologies to help you deliver business results.

  • Discovery: Use human-centered discovery and user ethnography (customer and employee) to inform innovation.
  • Experience and Service Design: Map the customer journey, run ideation and innovation sprints, and iterate in real-time.
  • Product Design: Create low-fidelity wireframes, use rapid prototyping, test usability, and design high-fidelity UX/UI.
  • Engineering: Work with a team of engineers on application architecture, Agile software development, and pilot deployments.
  • Marketing: Apply test and learn techniques, speed technology adoption, and improve product/market fit.


Quantum is a platform to track how models perform in production.

Quantum allows teams to specify the monitoring approach, receive alerts for changes to key aspects of the model, and analyse performance issues. Save time and resources using Quantum’s automated monitoring.

Use the intuitive dashboard to drill down on the metrics that drive the business, understand the root causes of alerts, and gain a high-level view of all models in the portfolio to prioritise actions to maintain performance.


Automation. Machine learning. Data mining. Design thinking. These are no longer things that companies do, they are how companies do what they do. Neuron is a digital delivery platform that propels innovation and accelerates transformation by ensuring that the right digital capabilities are at the heart of everything you do.


Numeric is an extensive library that makes it easy to produce data transformation pipelines that are robust, scalable, deployable and repeatable. By providing structure for all domain-agnostic code in projects, Numeric keeps data engineers and data scientists focused on solving the right problems.

Our customers insist that Numeric is best-practice for how teams should work when writing code that is production-ready from the beginning. It is your disciplined starting point for analytics projects.